A stack of packages on a front porch

If you sell products that are shipped to your customers to fulfill their orders, you want to ensure that those customers actually receive their packages. Unfortunately, your deliveries can go astray during transit or, worse, get stolen. Stolen packages result from porch pirates and other thieves stealing your merchandise, often from your customers’ front doors. Here are some alarming statistics from a 2020 survey.

Stolen Packages Are Bad for Business

Stolen packages represent a headache for your business. You have to spend valuable time and resources dealing with upset customers, and refunds adversely impact your bottom line. If customers frequently experience stolen packages, they may get so fed up that they take their business to a competitor with better security.

Get a Complete Grasp on Your Business’s Package Delivery Situation

You may not know just how bad the problem of stolen packages is for your business. To get a handle on things, begin by collecting information on how your company manages deliveries to customers. For example…

During this information-gathering phase, you are looking for answers to a few questions, such as…

Review Customer Feedback

If your business already collects customer satisfaction surveys, take a good look at the data. Look for any comments about delivery services, especially preferences (e.g., We prefer delivery services to come early in the morning).

If you have no existing customer survey data in place, here are a few ways to gather this information. 

6 Ways to Ensure Your Packages Don’t Get Stolen

Once you understand the extent of the problem, here are some suggestions to reduce package theft and keep your customers happy. 

1. Offer Signature Confirmation Deliveries

This is a surefire way to ensure your customers receive their orders. Carriers will not leave a delivery at a customer’s address unless the addressee (or an authorized designee) is physically available to sign for it. If the addressee is absent at the time of delivery, the package gets rerouted back to the carrier’s delivery hub.

2. Offer Pickup from a Physically Secure Location

If you are an e-commerce brand with a physical storefront, provide your customers with the option of picking up their orders in your store. If you don’t have a retail store, inform your customers that they can choose to have their package delivered to a secure site.

3. Offer Scheduled Deliveries

Work with a carrier that can offer your customers a scheduled delivery time that allows them to coordinate the delivery with their own schedule. Customers can choose which day they’d like to receive their package and specify a defined time window. The less time your packages are unattended, the more chance your customers’ packages will not be the target of thieves. 

4. Keep Your Tracking Pages Updated

The sooner your customers can secure their packages, the better. However, holiday times are hectic, and delays are almost inevitable. If your tracking page is up-to-date, your customers can adjust their plans to increase the likelihood of being present when packages arrive. Your purchasers can also be sent customized shipping notification emails so they are always aware of where their orders are.

You can also use GPS tracking for high-value shipments. Additionally, get your delivery drivers to use GPS tracking through smartphones so that your customers know when their delivery is close.

5. Offer Shipping Insurance

Consider offering package theft insurance as an optional add-on for your customers. Some shippers can provide shipping insurance at a discount. Packaging should be unmarked to deter thieves. Packages that provide information about the contents may not qualify for shipping insurance. 

6. Use the Best Parcel Delivery Service

A top-rated package delivery service such as AmeriShip will do its best to ensure that each of your customer’s packages gets safely into the hands of your customers and only your customers. 

AmeriShip provides reliable and efficient parcel deliveries throughout the United States. The last thing you want is for thieves to steal your customers’ packages. To this end, we use the latest technology to ensure your merchandise is delivered quickly and accurately. Our rates are also very competitive.

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