Benefits of Working with AmeriShip

We Deliver Peace Of Mind

Not all delivery services are created equal. Choose a company that caters to your needs and can meet and exceed your delivery requirements.

When you work with AmeriShip, here are the benefits you can expect:

Privacy and Integrity

You want to ensure your customers’ privacy and confidentiality are maintained at every step of the journey. At AmeriShip, privacy is paramount, and we train all our employees to observe HIPAA standards. Our employees have an in-depth understanding of handling sensitive materials, medical specimens, and pharmaceuticals. They always go the extra mile to protect your client’s information and respect their privacy.

Prompt Service

When you have time-sensitive medical specimens and equipment to ship, you want to call in the best in the business. While our standard service level is next-day delivery, we can have your package to its destination in as little as one hour. We know time is precious, and sometimes mere minutes make a world of difference.

Innovative Technology

We have a very creative development team at AmeriShip who are constantly working on that next big feature that saves time and money for our customers. Real-time package tracking is just the start. Our delivery mechanism can send a text or email directly to your patient with confirmation of pickup and delivery. Through these texts, we also enable recipients to pre-sign for their packages, should they choose to do so. This feature alone has been monumentally helpful to many of our customers and a huge time-saver when dealing with insurance claw-backs.