Formerly STAT Overnight Delivery, Now AmeriShip

Who We Are

When Jimmy Parker founded STAT Overnight Delivery in 2012, he did so with the vision of creating a complete delivery service. He wanted various shipping options from 2-day to 2-hour delivery, all with flat rate pricing to reduce surprises. 

No matter the demand, he wanted to build a company that could do it all and employes people who care about their customers and technology, including real-time GPS and automated signature tracking, to streamline the logistic process.

Before founding his own company, Parker worked for FedEx, where he began to see the need for faster delivery of sensitive and urgent items around the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. After leaving FedEx, he worked in the technology field, where the idea of a real-time GPS hit him. Parker knew this technology had the potential to shape the logistics industry dramatically, so he went to work to see if any other company could meet his expectations, especially other companies that claim to specialize in medical deliveries. After six months of field research and working for a smaller logistics company, he was confident that none could come close to meeting his vision for customer service, HIPPA-certified drivers, and technology.

When Parker launched STAT Overnight Delivery, it was an instant success. The technology used and the employees’ willingness to always exceed customer expectations helped the company grow abundantly.

In 2023, STAT Overnight Delivery rebranded and became AmeriShip, a name that truly encompasses their nationwide delivery services. With over 200 employees nationwide, AmeriShip has remained the country’s top provider of medical delivery services and small parcel delivery. 

As for Parker, he stays busy leading the company but still makes time to connect to the heart of the business, working alongside his employees in uniform to serve the customers. He says, “I still love to get out there and deliver. It keeps me connected to my clients and my drivers. I also like to know what my drivers face daily, as it helps me make better decisions with them in mind.” When asked if he could credit any one thing that has led to his company’s success and the magnitude of growth in such a competitive market, Parker said, “All glory to God. I am so thankful he blesses me and my mind, especially when I have to make really tough decisions that affect people’s lives.” 

What We Do

AmeriShip is a nationwide private delivery company providing speedy, confidential, and high-quality delivery services.

AmeriShip is a great example of a big-city business with small-town values. Leadership and employees take pride in the company’s prompt delivery time, outstanding customer service, and affordable flat rates. 

We specialize in delivering time-sensitive materials to the medical industry and small parcel delivery services throughout the U.S. We offer state-of-the-art technology, signature capture, real-time GPS tracking, and delivery times as fast as 1-hour. 

AmeriShip’s medical delivery service works with all major labs that serve entire hospital systems. Our veteran management and driver teams are experts in picking up and delivering time-sensitive specimens and medical equipment. Likewise, we work with e-commerce sellers to quickly and effectively ship small parcels and small dropship packages.

AmeriShip defines excellence as adhering to the customer’s critical and time-sensitive delivery needs. We understand the voice of the customer and work extremely hard to meet and exceed their expectations.

24-Hour Service

Here at AmeriShip, we’re dedicated to providing our clients high-quality customer service. We’re open 24/7 to ensure your deliveries get to their destination on time at the speed you intended.