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Whatever type of business you run, but especially if you are an ecommerce merchant, choosing the best shipping carrier is an important decision. Your interactions with your customers don’t end at checkout; you have a direct interaction at the point of delivery. This emphasizes the importance of a seamless delivery experience from your customer’s shopping cart to their designated delivery address. 

This guide discusses what you need to know to find the best shipping carrier for your business.

What Is a Shipping Carrier?

A shipping carrier is an enterprise that is in the business of delivering packages. To fulfill your customers’ orders, you transport your parcels to a carrier or arrange to have them picked up. The shipping carrier’s job is to transport your packages quickly and safely to the receiving parties. A shipping carrier will charge you a fee for their services which can vary depending on the package weight and contents, the distance to be shipped, and the delivery speed required. 

The Important of Reliable Shipping

Without reliable shipping, your business will struggle to be successful. If your customers don’t receive their orders quickly and efficiently, they will lose trust in your brand and take their business elsewhere. Let’s look at seven key variables that you need to consider when choosing the best shipping carrier for your business and improving your customer service. 

1. Cost

High shipping charges will eat into your profits. Therefore, look for a carrier that can help you cut shipping costs. Bear in mind that different carriers offer different rates for the same package weight to the same destination. You should also make yourself aware of any additional fees, which might include the following.

Research has discovered that around 55% of US consumers will abandon a purchase if they feel the shipping cost is too high.

2. Live Rates

Customers want to see live shipping rates at checkout—they increasingly demand this feature when ordering products online. This involves automatic computation of shipping charges based on product features such as weight, size, and destination. 

Many shoppers say free shipping is an incentive to shop online. However, offering free shipping on all your sales may be too expensive for a small business. You can try to get around this by building shipping costs (or partial costs) into your product prices or limiting free delivery to loyal customers who order from you frequently.

3. Delivery Time

Delivery times will largely be determined by where your customers reside. Other influencing factors include the following.

4. Expedited Shipping

You will gain more loyal customers by offering them more shipping options, such as expedited shipping. For example, if a package usually takes 5-8 days to be delivered, then enhanced shipping service should take 2-3 days less. Here are some good reasons to offer expedited shipping.

5. Weekend Deliveries

If some of your customers require a weekend delivery to ensure that they will be at home to receive their package safely, look for a shipping carrier that offers that. In addition, ask about extra charges for weekend delivery and whether your business or your customer is required to pay for the option.

6. Type of Product

Some carriers have restrictions on what kind of products they will accept for shipping (e.g., very expensive merchandise, fragile items, medical specimens, and pharmaceuticals). Shipping carriers also vary when it comes to package sizes and shapes. 

7. Tracking

Package tracking is key in relation to managing your customers’ delivery expectations. Reliable tracking helps lower anxiety in the event of shipping delays. Working with a carrier that provides detailed tracking and delivery confirmations will help you offer a smooth shipping experience. Good customer service includes communicating with your customers regarding the status of their online orders. 

Choosing the Best Shipping Carrier: A Comparison

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